Providing recovery solutions for Marks & Spencer


Providing recovery solutions for Marks & Spencer

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John Frost, M&S’s Head of Business Continuity, reveals why he trusts Regus to help keep things running during a crisis


A leading British retailer operating more than 1,400 stores across 57 countries, Marks & Spencer certainly doesn’t have time to waste when a faulty local gas main threatens to its company Head Quarters. Especially when it happens the week before Christmas.

John Frost, the Head of Business Continuity, reveals how a reliable business continuity plan helped M&S at their UK headquarters in Paddington. “Regus recently supported an interruption in which we were able to continue business as usual for more than 2,000 colleagues in our Waterside head office, due to a local gas main being ruptured directly outside the building,” he says.

“The Regus team were able to identify alternative workspace in less than four hours, which was far quicker than the 24-hour SLA that we willingly signed up to. This was greatly appreciated as the incident was the Monday before Christmas and, therefore, a significant commercial time for our business. The Regus team understood the urgency of the situation and responded exceptionally well with clear communication a key part of the successful response.”

Marks and Spencer made use of Regus’s Dynamic Workplace Recovery solution. This tier of cover guarantees that businesses will have a new office ready and waiting for them – either the same or next business day when disruption strikes – offering an appropriate workspace. 

“The adaptive nature and the flexible support of the Dynamic Workplace Recovery solution with Regus gives us premium business-grade offices and connectivity to our business and our staff during serious incidents,” says Frost. “On numerous occasions, it has ensured we were able to continue business as usual.”

Regus has been working for Marks & Spencer as their preferred business continuity partner for more than five years, supporting the brand in its locations across the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and India.

“We are grateful for the collaborative and proactive relationship Regus offers us on an ongoing basis, along with the excellent response that they always provide when supporting us during a crisis,” says Frost.

Regus’s Dynamic Workplace Recovery solution is all about helping companies mitigate their risk, so that when disruptive incidents happen, they can rest assured they’ll have the back-up they need. In today’s climate of uncertainty and unpredictable events, businesses need recovery solutions that support the increased flexibility needed in today’s working world. 


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