A day in the life of a travelling entrepreneur


A day in the life of a travelling entrepreneur

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Location, flexibility and a light modern office space are key needs for travelling business executives like Laurent Schonbach from Brookfield Underwriters


Whether you’re an international spy, an undercover detective or a busy entrepreneur, working on the hoof is just part of the day job. If you don’t know where you’ll be working from one day to the next, using a flexible workspace provider with a global network brings a welcome sense of uniformity and comfort to the working day.

One such company that benefits from Regus’ worldwide services on the road is Brookfield, a small underwriting firm dealing with fine-art insurance. “We have an office in Stockholm, London and Copenhagen, and we also visit customers, mainly in Scandinavia, but sometimes elsewhere in Europe too,” says director Laurent Schonbach.

“I use the Regus Express business lounge at Copenhagen Airport on a very regular basis because it’s a great location.” Centrally located inside Denmark’s largest airport, it has meeting rooms and a business lounge overlooking the departures hall and arrivals gates, which makes it a convenient place for meetings with clients travelling through. “I often meet my colleagues there as it saves having to travel to their office. It’s a lovely office environment, very light and quiet, it’s a nice place to work,” Schonbach adds.

As the trend for flexible working continues, it’s even more important for businesses and entrepreneurs to have access to a professional workspace or business lounge you can rely on to bring consistency to your day-to-day operations. When a company or an individual takes out a Regus membership, they also have access to more than 3,000 centres in 120 countries around the globe, so there’s always a well-equipped desk with good Wi-Fi and a decent coffee on hand 24/7.

“When we first started our business 10 years ago, we took over another company who were already using Regus offices, so, initially, we simply took on their lease,” explains Schonbach. “We moved around a bit. In fact, we moved three times in the same building, and we even looked at getting our own permanent office base, but looking into it, it was actually a better option to continue using Regus.”

Competition between flexspace providers is on the rise. Some lounges are little more than a few desks in the reception area, which is okay if you want to work for an hour or two, but for a full day’s work many business-owners and executives look for something more professional and in keeping with their company values. “I have used other offices on the road when I’m travelling somewhere different. If I’ve got a break between meetings, then I’ll go to a Regus centre nearby. I find it much nicer to work in than say a café or a hotel,” says Schonbach.

The Regus business lounges, especially in airport locations, have become more than just a place to check your emails – and can be a key part of your company strategy. “In Copenhagen, we recently organised a client meeting at the Regus Express at the airport,” says Schonbach. “Not only was it very convenient for all of us but also it’s such a nice modern space to work in, so we’ll use it again and again for client meetings.”


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