Colorful commutes: incredible journeys around the world

According to Regus research, 27% of people see their commute as a waste of time. However, there are a lucky few who experience something special on their journey to work everyday. Here we take a look at a few of the most exciting commutes from around the world.

The Mexico City cable car: In October 2016, the Mexican government launched a colourful cable car to help the residents of Ecatepec – one of the city’s largest regions – reach their work places and schools. Rising high above the cars of the city’s two-tier highways, the seven-stop line carries around 26,000 commuters every day. This mode of transport has saved some people up to two hours a day by cutting out traffic jams from their journeys.

The idea isn’t limited to Mexico City though. In recent years, some South American cities like Medellin, La Paz, Caracas and Rio de Janeiro have all turned to building cable cars. This trend, which has been dubbed the ‘Gondola Project’, is working to improve commutes up and down the continent.

Rideau Skateway, Ottawa, Canada: Every winter the 7.8km Rideau Canal in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, freezes over completely and turns into the world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink. The scenic canal is the state of Ontario’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also free to access and is usually populated with stands selling hot treats to chilly skaters. As well as being a tourist attraction, the canal provides a novel (and healthy) route for commuters to get to work in the morning. When the roads are covered with snow and sludge, it’s often quicker and easier to skate up the canal to get to work.

Wicker toboggan, Funchal, Madeira: In the sunny tourist town of Funchal on the island of Madeira, some residents have opted for a surprising twist on a winter sports classic: a wicker toboggan. The Portuguese archipelago off the Northwest coast of Africa might not get much snow, but the hilly terrain and smooth roads make these small carriages a surprisingly fast and effective way of getting into town. Although it has become a bit of a tourist attraction, it’s still possible to see the occasional suited businessman gliding along the pathway to work. And when you’re somewhere as sunny and picturesque as Funchal, it makes for a pretty awe-inspiring commute.

The Chengdu Panda, China: This shiny new suspension railway serving the airport of one of China’s biggest cities is incredible not only for its spectacular views, but for its design. The carriages are designed to look like the region’s famous resident, the panda. The trains are also built to be environmentally friendly too, thanks to their large volume lithium batteries. The Chengdu sky train is a prototype that’s planned to be rolled out across China, so local businesses may see a lot more pandas taking people to and from work pretty soon.

However you choose to get to work, turn yours into a productive and positive experience to start your day on a high.