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Think differently about your office

With Regus, any company of any size can be more flexible when it comes to their office space. No long-term leases, full-time administrative staffing costs or need to buy expensive equipment � just ready-to-work offices where and when you need them.

  • A Traditional Office
  • Long-term fixed lease
  • Fit-out costs and build-out time
  • Need to purchase equipment, furniture and other supplies
  • Complex lease documents
  • Managing every supplier
  • Hundreds of separate bills
  • A Regus Office
  • Your office on your terms
  • No fit-out or build-out costs
  • Everything is ready for you to use
  • No delays � you can start as soon as you need
  • One-page agreement with terms to suit you
  • One simple monthly bill

The offices you need?

Regus supply the following types of office spaces:

  • Day Office

    If you are travelling and simply need an office, away from the office, then we can make one available to you by the hour or day. It's a complete office with everything you'll need to get work done.

    Day office
  • Part time

    If you don't need an office all the time then why pay for one? We can give you access to everything you need for a set number of days a month.

    Part time
  • Campus

    A more modern working environment that allows you access to an office when you need within a shared environment with other likeminded businesses. Perfect for an individual who enjoys a more community style of working.

  • Corporate Campus

    A private office for your team but with a limited number of desks that give your team a desk when they need it.

    Corporate Campus
  • Full time office

    Our traditional office set up. Fully furnished with everything you need, available when you want it for as long as you want it.

    Full time offices
  • Team rooms

    Larger space for large groups. Encourage collaboration in a more open plan environment.

    Team Rooms
  • Netspace

    A fully outsourced office. We'll find, fit out and even run a location for you as your own office building.


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