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Regus is growing and evolving as fast as the sector we work in

So this is where you can catch up with all the latest news on our business and the future of work.

Regus Opens its Doors During Philadelphia Ice Storm

Thousands of homes and business are without power due to the recent ice storms in the area, making it difficult for remote workers and small businesses to get up and running again...

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Fighting Heart Disease in Women

Regus centres in Charlotte, North Carolina went RED for women this February to raise awareness of women’s heart health.

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Regus help make 35 wishes come true for terminally ill children in India

Competing in a variety of distances, from full marathons, half marathons and shorter fun runs, the Regus participants got to see Mumbai from a rare, traffic-free prospective…

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Making the most of your time on the move

For many of us, there isn’t a single place where we find ourselves most productive. We want a bit of everything – a place where we can meet people, look things up, enjoy some visual stimulus then move into a quiet area to think or make phone calls...

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A solution to dead-time on the road?

Regus has partnered with Rinspeed to develop a self-driving car concept that transforms the car into a fully-connected workplace and meeting room. The concept backs Regus’s own drive to help people work more productively on the move...

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Regus expands network with iconic addition in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s iconic “The Squaire” has recently joined our global network of workspaces; an ultra-modern facility that centres around one of Europe’s most important business travel hubs, seamlessly linking the cities air, road and rail networks …

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The hidden perils of working from home. It’s official – global workers have polled the main disadvantages of working from home and reveal it may damage your concentration and productivity, and is likely to undermine your ability to look professional.

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