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Our history: Making business happen

At Regus we’re the world’s biggest provider of flexible workspace. But what does that actually mean?

Leading a business revolution

We’re at the forefront of a business revolution. We offer businesses – large and small, local and global – a constantly growing range of innovative products and services. As modern business adapts to new challenges, so do we. We’re constantly looking at new ways of working and developing the next generation of products and services to help our clients focus on what they do best.

And this dynamic approach is creating success – we’re a $1.6 billion company, growing at 20% a year, with ambitious plans to open 400 new business centres in 2015.

Create a buzz

Walk into any of our centres and there’s an exciting buzz about the place. From individual entrepreneurs to global business leaders, our clients enjoy the freedom to work their way. And our smart, flexible people are the ones who are delivering a five-star customer service and making business happen.

The way we work means you’re never bored and there are always opportunities to put your ideas into action. Join us at this exciting stage in our growth and you’ll help us to develop the future of work.

A history of innovation

In 1989, the founder of Regus, Mark Dixon, spotted a business opportunity when he stopped off in Brussels, Belgium. We haven’t stopped seeing business opportunities since.

It’s been a breath-taking journey from a single office in Brussels to China and Latin America in 1994, the United States in 1998 and being the world’s leading provider of flexible workspace. And it’s nowhere near over.

The excitement of expanding into new countries and markets is still as fresh today as it was in the early 1990s. And the constantly changing demands of business customers means we’re always looking for fantastic new ideas. Ideas like Businessworld, a card-based system introduced in 2005 that gives customers access to Regus workspaces and services when they need them, anywhere in the world.

Today, we’re working with more than half of the Fortune 500, along with thousands of small and medium-sized companies. And we’re looking for new, innovative ways to help them manage risk, maximize their finances and adapt flexibly to the need for growth in challenging markets.

Our company history

Since 1989, we’ve consistently developed a portfolio of products to meet our customers’ needs and enable them to work however, whenever, wherever they want.

International growth

From Europe in 1989 to Latin America and China in 1994 and the USA in 1998, we’ve been helping businesses around the world to work more effectively for over 20 years.

A history of innovation

We’re constantly thinking about how to make our customer’s working lives even easier. That’s how we develop brilliant ideas like our Businessworld card.

Our future vision for work

Will future businesses need offices in every major city around the world?

Will they need offices at all?

What technologies and backups will they need?

Our future vision for work

Will future businesses need offices in every major city around the world? Will they need offices at all? What technologies and backups will they need?

We’re tackling these kinds of issues every day. Today, we’re helping businesses of all sizes adapt to the demands of mobile working, increasing globalisation and the need for flexible workspace. And we’re constantly looking for new, innovative ways around the world to help them work even smarter in the future.

As we continue to expand into new markets across the globe, we’re adapting to the future by inventing it. Which offers exciting opportunities for our people to develop their careers across borders and experience different business cultures.

Sustainable business

With a variety of stakeholders and supply chains, we aim to put sustainability at the heart of our business. By developing innovative products and services, we support our clients to operate sustainably themselves, limiting their environmental impact and helping them to achieve better work life balance.

Investing in communities

We're committed to sustainable global expansion. As well as being socially and environmentally responsible wherever we do business, we aim to invest responsibly in communities by employing local people and encouraging the development of business skills and opportunities. And our people around the world get involved in local community initiatives to support the areas they work in.

Greener working

We believe future working means working smarter in workspaces that have a reduced impact on the environment. We've already achieved the Carbon Trust Standard and have set ourselves the challenging target of halving our carbon footprint by 2020, based on our 2007 levels. From selecting the sites for our business centres to designing, building and operating them, we're committed to achieving our targets by developing initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and increase recycling.