Dedicated to productivity, unique to Regus

    If you don’t want to shut yourself away behind a closed door, but still need the privacy to work and make calls, a Regus Thinkpod is for you.

    Regus Thinkpod, District of Columbia, Washington - White House

    Private space... a public place

    A stylish new thinking and working space with room for a laptop and a comfortable, adjustable chair, Thinkpods are dedicated to productivity and unique to Regus.

    We designed them to be used for any length of time from one hour to a whole day, providing privacy in the shared space of our business lounges.

    So you can work in confidence, while still being open to networking opportunities.

    Regus Thinkpod, District of Columbia, Washington - White House

    Use Thinkpods today...
    ...with Businessworld

    For quick and easy access to Thinkpods, our Businessworld membership program is the answer.

    • Use of Thinkpods in Regus Business Lounges worldwide
    • Discounts and special offers, administrative support and more

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    Talk to an advisor for more about Thinkpods and Businessworld membership at 1-800-OFFICES .

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