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'A world of opportunity'

As a customer facing organization Regus is constantly looking for dynamic, innovative and competitive suppliers who will work with us to ensure that Regus has the latest and best services, quality and lowest total acquisition costs across the numerous products and services we purchase.

The Regus procurement staff across the world, continue to develop our suite of best practices, processes and tools. This enables us to operate procurement in a professional and consistent manner across the group, collaborating with our internal stakeholders.

We purchase across about fifty spend categories. Some examples of our major spends include;


Travel, professional services, HR, recruitment.


Print, creative, agency, advertising, POS, fulfilment, translation, web services.

IT & Telco

Hardware, software, S&M, storage, PC's, mobiles, voice, data, circuits.

Office, facilities

Furniture, carpets, maintenance, fit out, copiers, printers, stationery, food & beverage, couriers, utilities, post.

Regus is further developing our corporate and social responsibility policies and tools, to minimize the impact we have on the environment. We are also mindful of sustainability, ethical sourcing and the expectations we place on our suppliers to also act responsibly.

We already have the US and UK operating peoplesoft eSourcing which benefits suppliers with online PO's, order administration and ultimately payment. Peoplesoft continues to be rolled out across the remaining parts of the group.

Regus has so much to offer suppliers; access to clients, global coverage, a growing company, the biggest and best at what we do in the world, and continually improving professionalism and consistency in the way we deal with our suppliers. In return we expect our suppliers to provide the very best in quality, service, account management, lowest total cost, innovation, flexibility and support of our business.

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