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Responsible Procurement

The minimum expectations of doing responsible business with Regus are set out in our supplier code of conduct. Social and environmental considerations form the foundation of this code and are based on ISO 26000, United Nations and International Labor Organization principles.

As part of our supplier selection process and ongoing relationship with suppliers, relevant standards are required to criteria set against the code of conduct. These criteria broadly include:

  • Labor practices
  • Human rights
  • Health and safety
  • The environment
  • Fair operating practices
  • Whistleblower security
  • Compliance and monitoring

Once a supplier relationship is established, we expect monitoring of compliance and open stakeholder engagement between Regus and suppliers. Non-compliance with the code of conduct could result in terminating that relationship.

Upon being appointed, suppliers agree to abide by the code's contents and take on responsibility to communicate its requirements (in their local language where required) to their own employees, their extended supply chain (including sub-contractors and their subsequent supply chain) and other relevant stakeholders involved in fulfilling delivery of products or services to Regus.

Wherever situations occur outside the boundaries of the code, suppliers are expected to practice international norms of behavior in their business activities. Our supplier code of conduct also aims to further the awareness and raise standards in the application of social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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