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Office space locations in Taipei

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Taipei Manhattan

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14/F, Section 5

The centre is just a few minutes' walk to Taipei 101 building and opposite the World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall.

Window office NT$458.00 - NT$1,400.00
Internal office NT$407.00 - NT$1,570.00
Co-working NT$286.00
Virtual office NT$122.00 - NT$345.67
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Taipei Walsin Xinyi - Songzhi Road

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11/F, No.1, Songzhi Rd.

A balance of location and building quality, with a good multi-national tenant mix. 2-minute walk to the Taipei City Hall station.

Window office NT$661.00 - NT$2,510.00
Internal office NT$631.00 - NT$2,130.00
Co-working NT$504.00
Virtual office NT$128.34 - NT$371.00
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Taipei, Hsin Ji

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18/F, No.460, Sec. 4

5 minute walk to Taipei 101 Station on the MRT Xinyi Line. Near the World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall and the Hyatt Hotel.

Window office NT$682.00 - NT$2,350.00
Internal office NT$557.00 - NT$1,420.00
Co-working NT$459.00
Virtual office NT$125.34 - NT$371.00
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Taipei, Landmark

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29/F, No.68, Section 5

Taipei Landmark is located in the Xinyi CBD. It is connected to Taipei City Hall station exit 3 on the MRT Bannan Line.

Window office NT$639.00 - NT$2,710.00
Internal office NT$590.00 - NT$2,320.00
Co-working NT$412.00
Virtual office NT$135.00 - NT$386.67
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Taipei, San Lian

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13/F, No.560, Sec. 4

Xinyi District is the major business hub of Taiwan and includes the seat of Taipei City Government hotels and shopping malls.

Window office NT$402.00 - NT$1,720.00
Internal office NT$361.00 - NT$1,290.00
Co-working NT$280.00
Virtual office NT$125.34 - NT$358.34
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Taipei Hung Tai Centre

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2/F-A, 170 Dunhua North Rd.

Dunhua district is for financial companies and MNCs to set up their headquarters and next to Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Window office NT$529.00 - NT$1,930.00
Internal office NT$427.00 - NT$1,480.00
Co-working NT$302.00
Virtual office NT$125.34 - NT$358.34
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Taipei, Concord

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8/F, No.367, Fuxing N. Rd.

A perfect solution for who are looking for flexible and fully-equipped offices with comprehensive services at a reasonable price.

Window office NT$369.00 - NT$1,400.00
Internal office NT$269.00 - NT$1,570.00
Co-working NT$258.00
Virtual office NT$125.34 - NT$358.34
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Taipei, Aurora

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3/F, No.183, Zhouzi St.

The Aurora office space is located in the heart of Neihu Science Park and easy access to Xihu MRT station.

Window office NT$459.00 - NT$1,050.00
Internal office NT$444.00
Co-working NT$208.00
Virtual office NT$125.34 - NT$358.34
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