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    Regus Office Space, Rotterdam, City WNA

    Rotterdam, City WNA

    Weena Zuid 106-178, Ground floor & 1st floor, 3012 NC Rotterdam
    Distance from search: 0.29 Miles

    The utilitarian WNA building is the convenient and accessible location of the Weena Zuid office space in Rotterdam, set in the business heart of this

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    Regus Office Space, Rotterdam City Centre

    Rotterdam City Centre

    Weena 290, 3012 NJ Rotterdam
    Distance from search: 0.33 Miles

    The office space in Rotterdam City Centre is situated in a curved, silver-coloured building that provides an eye-catching address in a city with a rep more info...

    Regus Office Space, Rotterdam Brainpark

    Rotterdam Brainpark

    Lichtenauerlaan 102-120, 3062 ME Rotterdam
    Distance from search: 2.28 Miles

    The office space in Brainpark, Rotterdam is one of the city's most prestigious business addresses, on Rotterdam's foremost business park. Locally-base more info...

    Regus Office Space, Rotterdam Airport

    Rotterdam Airport

    Rotterdam Airportplein 22-R, 1st floor, 3045 AP Rotterdam
    Distance from search: 2.68 Miles

    At The Netherlands’ third-largest airport, our Rotterdam The Hague Airport office space is all about accessibility. The office space is in the Corners

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    Regus Office Space, Capelle Aan Den Ijssel, Rotterdam Braingate

    Capelle Aan Den Ijssel, Rotterdam Braingate

    Rivium Boulevard 301-320, Ground & 1st floor, 2909 LK Capelle aan den IJssel
    Distance from search: 2.82 Miles

    Superb transport connectivity is one reason why companies locate in Rivium Rotterdam, and the Braingate office space places your business right in the

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    Regus Office Space, Delft, Delftechpark

    Delft, Delftechpark

    Informaticalaan 6-13, Ground floor, 2628 ZD Delft
    Distance from search: 6.62 Miles

    Our Delft Tech Park office space is a lot like Delft itself – a place that gives you the best of both worlds. The office space is home to numerous tec

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    Regus Office Space, Zoetermeer, Central Station

    Zoetermeer, Central Station

    Louis Braillelaan 80, Ground floor, 2719 EK Zoetermeer
    Distance from search: 8.43 Miles

    The Zoetermeer Central Station office space has an outstanding out of town location, but that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to get right into the centre

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    Regus Office Space, Rijswijk, Business Park

    Rijswijk, Business Park

    Einsteinlaan 10, 2289 CC Rijswijk
    Distance from search: 10.22 Miles

    The office space in the Rijswijk Business Park is on the fourth and fifth floor of the Broekpolder centre, a landmark, high-rise building that offers  more info...

    Regus Office Space, Gouda, Goudsepoort

    Gouda, Goudsepoort

    Kampenringweg 45D, 1st floor & 4th floor, 2803 PE Gouda
    Distance from search: 11.06 Miles

    A landscaped business park that's popular with companies requiring easy access to Utrecht, Rotterdam or Amsterdam is the location for the Goudsepoort

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    Regus Office Space, The Hague, Beatrixkwartier

    The Hague, Beatrixkwartier

    J.P. Coenstraat 7, 2595 WP The Hague
    Distance from search: 12.44 Miles

    The office space in Equinox, The Hague is in a stunning, futuristic building with curved walls, astride the main access route onto the A12 main road.

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    Regus Office Space, The Hague Central Station

    The Hague Central Station

    11th Floor, Koningin Juliana Plein 10, 2595 AA The Hague
    Distance from search: 12.78 Miles

    The office space in Hague Central Station is on the 11th floor of a modernistic stone and glass high-rise building which has views right across the ci more info...

    Regus Office Space, The Hague City

    The Hague City

    Haagsche Hof, Parkstraat 83, 2514 JG The Hague
    Distance from search: 13.24 Miles

    The office space in The Hague City Centre is in the Haagsche Hof, a well-known large modern building that combines classic 19th century styling with 2 more info...

    Regus Office Space, Breda, City Centre

    Breda, City Centre

    Ceresstraat 1, 1st floor, 4811 CA Breda
    Distance from search: 26.21 Miles

    The Breda office space is in a modern office building on Ceresstraat, a well-known business address in the heart of the city, close to banks, business

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    Regus Office Space, Vianen, Vianen Business Park

    Vianen, Vianen Business Park

    Lange Dreef 11, Ground floor, 4131 NJ Vianen
    Distance from search: 26.88 Miles

    An attractive office park called La Palissade is home to many diverse international companies - and is also the location of the Vianen de Hagen office

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    Regus Office Space, Schiphol Airport, Rijk

    Schiphol Airport, Rijk

    Het Poortgebouw, Beech Avenue 54-62, 1119 PW Schiphol-Rijk
    Distance from search: 26.92 Miles

    The office space in Schiphol Airport Rijk is located in a six-storey tall white building in the Schiphol-Rijk business park just outside the internati

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    Regus Office Space, Breda Claudius Prinsenlaan

    Breda Claudius Prinsenlaan

    3rd Floor, Claudius Prinsenlaan 128, 4818 CP Breda
    Distance from search: 27.17 Miles

    The office space in Claudius Prinsenlaan, Breda is in a very spacious, imposing building that makes extensive use of glass to give views across the la

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    Regus Office Space, Schiphol Airport Tetra

    Schiphol Airport Tetra

    Transpolispark, Siriusdreef 17-27, 2132 WT Hoofddorp
    Distance from search: 27.20 Miles

    The office space in Schiphol Airport Tetra is in a spacious building with glass-fronted communal areas on the landscaped Transpolis Business Park. Thi more info...

    Regus Office Space, Hoofddorp, Hoofddorp Transpolis

    Hoofddorp, Hoofddorp Transpolis

    Polarisavenue 1, 2nd Floor, 2132 JH Hoofddorp
    Distance from search: 27.31 Miles

    The Hoofddorp Transpolis office space is located right next to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, it’s designed to let you fly in, sit down, and start workin

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    Regus Office Space, Breda Business Park II

    Breda Business Park II

    Regus Breda Business Park, Verlengde Poolseweg 16, 4818 CL Breda
    Distance from search: 27.42 Miles

    The office space in Breda Business Park II is in a tall, eye-catching, silver coloured office block that provides a highly desirable business address

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    Regus Office Space, Breukelen, Breukelerwaard

    Breukelen, Breukelerwaard

    De Corridor 5C, Ground floor & 2nd floor, 3621 ZA Breukelen
    Distance from search: 27.64 Miles

    One of the Netherlands' most important highways - the A2 - is situated adjacent to the Breukelen office space, making the building a great location fo

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