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    Regus Office Space, Amsterdam Singel

    Amsterdam Singel

    Singel 540, 1017 AZ Amsterdam
    Distance from search: 0.27 Miles

    The office space in Singel, Amsterdam is in De Geelvinck, a building on Singel, the city's innermost canal. It is right on the waterfront, surrounded

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    Regus Office Space, Amsterdam, Amsterdam de Vijzel

    Amsterdam, Amsterdam de Vijzel

    Vijzelstraat 20, Ground floor, 1017 HK Amsterdam
    Distance from search: 0.32 Miles

    The office space is surrounded by the capital’s famous canals and stunning architecture, Amsterdam de Vijzel (‘The Vyzel’) is a multipurpose building

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    Regus Office Space, Amsterdam Paleis op de Dam

    Amsterdam Paleis op de Dam

    Herengracht 282, 1016 BX Amsterdam
    Distance from search: 0.36 Miles

    The office space in Paleis op de Dam, Amsterdam is in a 17th century traditional canal house on the famous Herengracht canal, which is on the UNESCO l more info...

    Regus Office Space, Amsterdam WTC

    Amsterdam WTC

    H-Toren, Zuidplein 36, 1077 XV Amsterdam
    Distance from search: 2.28 Miles

    The office space is spread over the fourth, fifth and eighth floors of the World Trade Centre (WTC), Amsterdam. The offices are in a stunning building more info...

    Regus Office Space, Amsterdam Atrium

    Amsterdam Atrium

    Strawinskylaan 3051, 1077 ZX Amsterdam
    Distance from search: 2.31 Miles

    The office space in Atrium, Amsterdam is in a modern, glass curtain-walled building right at the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands' largest city. Ad more info...

    Regus Office Space, Amsterdam Sloterdijk Teleport Towers

    Amsterdam Sloterdijk Teleport Towers

    Kingsfordweg 151, 1043GR Amsterdam
    Distance from search: 2.44 Miles

    The office space in Sloterdijk Teleport Towers, Amsterdam is located on the west side of Amsterdam in a cream-coloured, skyscraper building that is vi more info...

    Regus Office Space, Amsterdam Amstel

    Amsterdam Amstel

    Ground, 1st , 2nd and 3rd floor, Joop Geesinkweg 901-999, 1114 AB Amsterdam
    Distance from search: 2.92 Miles

    The office space in Amstel, Amsterdam is in an imposing grey stone office building surrounded by mature trees, on Amstel Business Park on the South Ax

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    Regus Office Space, Amsterdam, Amsterdamse Bos

    Amsterdam, Amsterdamse Bos

    Cuserstraat 93, floor 2 and 3th, 1081 CN Amsterdam
    Distance from search: 3.59 Miles

    The striking Cuserstraat office space offers businesses the best of both worlds - it's located between Amstelveen and de Zuidas, a busy financial dist more info...

    Regus Office Space, Amstelveen City

    Amstelveen City

    Laan van Kronenburg 2, 1183 AS Amstelveen
    Distance from search: 3.65 Miles

    The office space in Amstelveen City is in a low-rise, modernist building set among trees and surrounded on two sides by water. This is an attractive,  more info...

    Regus Office Space, Diemen, Campus

    Diemen, Campus

    Dalsteindreef 141, Ground floor, 1112 XJ Diemen
    Distance from search: 3.82 Miles

    The office space in Diemen Campus is a practical, efficient home for your business, but what really makes it special is the full range of facilities y

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    Regus Office Space, Amsterdam Arena

    Amsterdam Arena

    Hoogoorddreef 9, 1101 BA Amsterdam
    Distance from search: 4.72 Miles

    The office space in the Amsterdam Arena is in the starkly-modern, white Africa Building in the Atlas complex, a business park in the heart of south ea

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    Regus Office Space, Schiphol Airport Meeting Centre

    Schiphol Airport Meeting Centre

    Havenmeesterweg 27, Schiphol Airport, 1118 CB Schiphol
    Distance from search: 7.05 Miles

    The office space in Schiphol Airport Meeting Centre are on the top floor of an eight storey building which can be directly accessed from the airport's more info...

    Regus Office Space, Schiphol, The Base

    Schiphol, The Base

    The Base B, Evert van de Beekstraat 104, Schiphol Airport, 1118 CN Schiphol
    Distance from search: 7.53 Miles

    The Schiphol The Base office space is a place designed to make people more productive - a spacious, contemporary building on a beautifully landscaped

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    Regus Office Space, Schiphol Airport, Avioport

    Schiphol Airport, Avioport

    Evert v/d Beekstraat 310, Schiphol Airport, 1118 CX Schiphol
    Distance from search: 7.67 Miles

    The office space in Schiphol Airport Avioport is located within the main airport complex in a large, grey-coloured building with wide picture windows  more info...

    Regus Office Space, Schiphol Airport, Rijk

    Schiphol Airport, Rijk

    Het Poortgebouw, Beech Avenue 54-62, 1119 PW Schiphol-Rijk
    Distance from search: 8.95 Miles

    The office space in Schiphol Airport Rijk is located in a six-storey tall white building in the Schiphol-Rijk business park just outside the internati

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    Regus Office Space, Hoofddorp, Hoofddorp Transpolis

    Hoofddorp, Hoofddorp Transpolis

    Polarisavenue 1, 2nd Floor, 2132 JH Hoofddorp
    Distance from search: 9.36 Miles

    The Hoofddorp Transpolis office space is located right next to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, it’s designed to let you fly in, sit down, and start workin

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    Regus Office Space, Schiphol Airport Tetra

    Schiphol Airport Tetra

    Transpolispark, Siriusdreef 17-27, 2132 WT Hoofddorp
    Distance from search: 9.47 Miles

    The office space in Schiphol Airport Tetra is in a spacious building with glass-fronted communal areas on the landscaped Transpolis Business Park. Thi more info...

    Regus Office Space, Almere Central Station

    Almere Central Station

    Busplein 36-38, 1315 KV Almere
    Distance from search: 13.63 Miles

    The Almere Central Station office space occupies the sixth and seventh floors of the award-winning, architect-designed Top Tower building, in an open

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    Regus Office Space, Breukelen, Breukelerwaard

    Breukelen, Breukelerwaard

    De Corridor 5C, Ground floor & 2nd floor, 3621 ZA Breukelen
    Distance from search: 14.07 Miles

    One of the Netherlands' most important highways - the A2 - is situated adjacent to the Breukelen office space, making the building a great location fo

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    Regus Office Space, Almere, Fashion Dome

    Almere, Fashion Dome

    Veluwezoom 5, Ground floor 1, 1-5327 AA Almere
    Distance from search: 15.16 Miles

    The Almere Fashion Dome office space occupies a distinctive building in the rapidly expanding business district of Veluwseside-West, minutes from Amst

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