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Office space locations in Rome

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Rome Barberini

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Via Antonio Salandra 18

The building, with a large terrace and elegant modern interior designs, is situated in one of the most popular areas of the city.

Window office € 15,90 - € 42,80
Internal office € 15,80
Co-working € 11,00
Virtual office € 2,47 - € 9,37
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Rome Popolo

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Palazzo Valadier

An elegant location in Palazzo Valadier in Piazza del Popolo, the heart of the Eternal City.

Window office € 15,20 - € 66,40
Internal office € 13,50 - € 26,90
Co-working Coming soon
Virtual office € 2,77 - € 10,34
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Rome, Parioli

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Via Vincenzo Bellini 22

A newly renovated modern building located in the famous Parioli-Pinciano district. Few steps from Piazza Verdi and Villa Borghese, this business area is recognised for its importance in finance, consulting, green energy, media and insurance.

Window office € 14,50 - € 53,50
Internal office € 14,40 - € 37,20
Co-working € 13,90
Virtual office € 2,77 - € 10,34
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Rome, Prati

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Via Properzio, 5

Located in the heart of Rome, the building is a few steps from the Vatican City, the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Square.

Window office € 16,60 - € 51,00
Internal office € 16,50 - € 49,40
Co-working € 12,30
Virtual office € 2,47 - € 9,37
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Rome, Sturzo

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Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo 15

Traditional architecture with impressively modern amenities in one of the most dynamic business and residential quarter of Rome.

Window office € 11,50 - € 50,10
Internal office € 11,20 - € 35,60
Co-working € 11,00
Virtual office € 1,84 - € 7,50
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Rome EUR

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Viale Luca Gaurico 9/11

A beautiful glass building that embodies the concept of modernity and innovation, in an upscale urban area.

Window office € 11,30 - € 40,30
Internal office € 11,20 - € 15,50
Co-working € 10,40
Virtual office € 2,47 - € 7,80
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