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Office space options

Get an office for one person or a whole team, for a day, week, month or as many years as needed.


Get the space needed today with the freedom to expand or contract as business changes.

Create a base in one location and get 3000 others to use as well.

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Part-time offices

Cost-effective office space with the flexibility to use as little or often as needed.

Select from 5 days, 10 days or unlimited use per month.

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Day offices

Get on-demand access to work-ready office space with no commitment - available by the hour.

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Office space locations in Mumbai

Work anywhere for an hour, day, week, month, or years.
Prices are per person per day on a 24-month agreement, subject to availability.

Trade Centre G/F & 1st Floor

The center is located in BKC,It is just 15 minutes drive to the mumbai domestic and 30 minutes to the international airport.

Window office INR689.00 - INR2,870.00
Internal office INR549.00 - INR2,400.00
Co-working INR533.00
Virtual office INR97.00 - INR295.34
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9th Floor, Platina

The centre is in a modern office block in BKC. Many fortune 500 companies are in the vicinity from BFSI and chemical industries.

Window office INR1,370.00 - INR4,820.00
Internal office INR1,100.00 - INR4,280.00
Co-working INR960.00
Virtual office INR112.67 - INR386.67
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Arrivals section

Regus Express Lounge located at the Arrival Section on Level 2 - Terminal 2 at the Mumbai International Airport.

Window office Please call
Internal office Please call
Co-working Coming soon
Virtual office Please call
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Level 2, Raheja Centre Point,

A location adjacent to Bandra Kurla Complex,W.E Highway,Domestic & International Airport with international Fortune 500 companies in the viscinity.

Window office INR558.00 - INR1,730.00
Internal office INR482.00 - INR1,810.00
Co-working INR469.00
Virtual office INR62.34 - INR229.00
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Unit No. 9, Corporate Park II

The centre is located in Chembur and it is very well connected with other parts of the city by road and various public transport.

Window office INR757.00 - INR2,660.00
Internal office INR573.00 - INR1,530.00
Co-working INR557.00
Virtual office INR62.34 - INR229.00
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Regus - Times Square

The centre is located in western suburbs of Mumbai and it is well connected to the domestic and international airport.

Window office INR888.00 - INR3,260.00
Internal office INR673.00 - INR2,570.00
Co-working INR623.00
Virtual office INR97.00 - INR285.67
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Level 4 Dynasty

Centre is located in North Mumbai which houses many large corporates and it is close to the Metro station and international airport.

Window office INR622.00 - INR2,250.00
Internal office INR520.00 - INR1,760.00
Co-working INR431.00
Virtual office INR81.34 - INR257.34
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Mumbai, Khar


Corinthian, 3rd floor

The centre is located in Khar an established premium retail and commercial hub.It is well connected by public transport.

Window office INR1,270.00 - INR3,760.00
Internal office INR1,020.00 - INR3,570.00
Co-working INR989.00
Virtual office INR97.00 - INR418.00
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Unit No. 1B

The centre is located in a Grade A construction Andheri (East) and very close to the domestic and international airports.

Window office INR850.00 - INR3,340.00
Internal office INR726.00 - INR1,970.00
Co-working INR664.00
Virtual office INR97.00 - INR355.00
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Mumbai, Powai

400 076

Alpha, 2nd Floor, Unit No. 201

The centre is located in Hiranandani Gardens in Powai .It is 5 Kms from the International and 12 Kms from the Domestic Airport.

Window office INR1,020.00 - INR3,300.00
Internal office INR677.00 - INR2,640.00
Co-working INR658.00
Virtual office INR81.34 - INR308.00
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Mumbai, Juhu


Duru House, 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th floors

Juhu business centre is located on Juhu Tara Road.It is 3.5 kms from the closest metro station and 6.5 kms from the airport.

Window office INR887.00 - INR3,110.00
Internal office INR789.00 - INR2,370.00
Co-working INR693.00
Virtual office INR81.34 - INR317.34
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Level 3, Now Vikram

The centre is close to many electronics, IT,TV production,banking and insurance companies.Airports are also a short drive away.

Window office INR855.00 - INR3,720.00
Internal office INR755.00 - INR2,690.00
Co-working INR668.00
Virtual office INR81.34 - INR292.00
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R Tech Park, 13th Floor

The centre is located adjacent to the Western Express Highway and domestic and international airports are very close to the centre

Window office INR1,380.00 - INR4,630.00
Internal office INR1,110.00 - INR4,280.00
Co-working INR954.00
Virtual office INR81.34 - INR352.00
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1102, 11th Floor

The centre offers one of the prestigious corporate address in Central Mumbai.Many corporates have their offices in the vicinity.

Window office INR1,380.00 - INR4,730.00
Internal office INR983.00 - INR3,430.00
Co-working INR894.00
Virtual office INR97.00 - INR355.00
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Level 17, DLH Park, Ramlal Compound

The centre is located in DLH Park,directly connected to the Western Express Highway and it is surrounded by IT hubs and malls.

Window office INR795.00 - INR3,450.00
Internal office INR716.00 - INR2,730.00
Co-working INR646.00
Virtual office INR62.34 - INR260.67
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Mumbai, Worli


Block A, Level 1, Shiv Sagar Estate,

The centre is located in Worli one of the busiest commercial hubs in Mumbai and it is well connected with other parts of the city.

Window office INR907.00 - INR2,390.00
Internal office INR811.00 - INR2,260.00
Co-working INR708.00
Virtual office INR81.34 - INR311.00
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Level 13 Platinum Techno Park 17 & 18

The centre is situated near station,the highway and the proposed International Airport,the place is perfect for IT companies.

Window office INR643.00 - INR2,680.00
Internal office INR571.00 - INR1,920.00
Co-working INR491.00
Virtual office INR62.34 - INR235.34
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8th Floor, A wing, Reliable Tech Park

The centre is located in Navi Mumbai, a hub for Tech Parks in the city. Many companies are in the vicinity.

Window office INR718.00 - INR1,630.00
Internal office INR525.00 - INR1,660.00
Co-working INR460.00
Virtual office INR81.34 - INR267.00
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5th & 6th Floor

The centre is located in Churchgate, a prime micro market in Mumbai CBD. Many Indian companies are in the vicinity.

Window office INR785.00 - INR2,870.00
Internal office INR633.00 - INR2,130.00
Co-working INR570.00
Virtual office INR97.00 - INR292.00
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Mumbai Thane


15th Dev Corpora

The centre is in a premium high rise building on the Eastern Express Highway in Thane.It is a popular location for major companies.

Window office INR545.00 - INR2,190.00
Internal office INR485.00 - INR1,560.00
Co-working INR422.00
Virtual office INR46.67 - INR210.34
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Maker Towers E

The centre is located in Cuffe Parade close to Nariman point and 1 hour drive away from domestic and international airport.

Window office INR617.00 - INR2,220.00
Internal office INR484.00 - INR1,500.00
Co-working INR482.00
Virtual office INR81.34 - INR273.34
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Tiffany, 1st floor, Hiranandani Road

The centre is located in Tiffany building in Hiranandani Estate and it is well with connected Eastern and Western Express Highways

Window office INR701.00 - INR2,460.00
Internal office INR561.00 - INR1,710.00
Co-working INR491.00
Virtual office INR62.34 - INR263.67
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Everything is included

Whatever space you use, one simple price provides all of this...

  • Workspace

    A fully-furnished and equipped workspace, simply turn up, plug in and get straight down to business.

    • Modern, ergonomic office furniture
    • Professional business environment
    • Convenient locations in the places you do business
    • Use of community meeting rooms by the hour
  • Services

    We look after the details so there’s more time to spend on what really matters.

    • Mail received by our reception team
    • Access to administrative support, to help with tasks like document collation or arranging couriers
    • Access to a printer, scanner and photocopier
  • Facilities

    Everything you’d expect to find in a modern office, without the hassle of management and maintenance.

    • Receptionist to greet guests
    • Communal kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities
    • Business lounge and smaller break-out areas
    • All utility costs included
    • Office cleaning and maintenance
    • 24/7 building security
  • Technology

    World-class IT and telecoms infrastructure without the headaches of ownership.

    • Secure, business-grade internet and WiFi
    • Phone handset and lines
    • Use of 50 million WiFi hotspots around the world
  • Benefits

    Benefit from the buying power of a global organization and a ready-made business community to plug into.

    • Exclusive access to the Regus Marketplace program providing discounts from leading brands
    • Regular calendar of Regus community events and activities
    • Regus app for booking workspace on the move
  • Lounges

    Make a base in one location and use our entire network as your own.

    • Walk-in access to our global business lounge network in over 2000 locations
    • Lounge membership at 800 airports worldwide
  • Choices

    Make your workspace your own with a wide range of options to configure and customize.

    • Choose a way of working that suits you best
    • Configure the layout of your workspace
    • Select from a range of furniture styles
    • Customise your workspace with branding options
  • Flexibility

    Flexibility is at the core of everything we do, so if your business changes, we’ll change with it.

    • Free re-location
    • Scale workspace up or down as needed
    • If you’ve bought without visiting, and within the first week of moving in you’re not happy, you can leave without charge
The only exclusions are consumables such as phone calls, photocopies, coffee and advanced technology.

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