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How you can help?

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How you can help

We can't reach our targets without you; after all, you're the people using our centres day in, day out! Your actions have a huge part to play in achieving our targets and we want to make sure you understand what we are doing and how you can help us reduce our environmental impact.

We're sure we can count on your help…

It's in your hands…

Greener working is really quite simple; little things can easily be incorporated into our everyday working life and can make a real difference to the environment. For example, here are five easy tips:

1. Switch off your computer and monitor at night. Even while taking a break, switching off just the monitor will save 70% of the computer's energy!

2. Turn lights off at the end of the day or when a room is not in use. Lighting an office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for 1000 cups of tea.

3. Turn equipment off when safe and operationally viable to do so. Keeping a mobile phone or laptop charger plugged in for example continues to use electricity.

4. Think before you print. Only print when absolutely necessary and use the print preview function to make sure you get it right first time.

5. Report leaky taps. A dripping tap can waste up to 140 litres a week.

Many of you will already be doing these – and more – and we'd like to thank you. If you're not, why not give them a try?

If you have any great energy saving tips of your own, we'd love to hear from you. Please speak to your Centre Manager or email us at uk.greenerworking@regus.com

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