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More effective and more efficient workplaces

Regus has the unparalleled knowledge and unique insights to help large organisations meet the challenges associated with workplace transformation. More than half of the Fortune 500 rely on us every day for their corporate workplace infrastructure.

  • CEOs

    • Transform the way your company works

      Our Corporate Workplace Solutions division will transform the way your company works.

      Thousands of large organisations rely on Regus every day to reduce their costs, increase their flexibility and fully optimise their corporate real estate portfolio. 

      Start your transformation today:

      • Reduce the cost of your workspaces
      • Get enjoyable and more flexible places to work
      • Provide the right support for your people, wherever they work
      • Introduce more environmentally sustainable ways of working
      • Minimize risks associated with traditional leased property and increase agility
      • Implement cost-effective alternatives for business continuity

      Want to know more? Speak to a Corporate Advisor now at 855-REGUS-54.

  • CFOs

    • Reduce your property costs by up to 60%

      Real estate costs often represent a large proportion of any large company's assets, so having the right portfolio is important.

      Regus supports CFOs by helping them to:

      • Manage real estate costs more effectively, helping to improve business cash flow.
      • Eliminate unnecessary start-up costs by getting fully-equipped workspace from day one.
      • Reduce monthly running costs.
      • Reduce staffing costs by introducing flexible working practices.

      Want to know more? Speak to a Corporate Advisor now at 855-REGUS-54.

  • Sales directors

    • Increase the productivity of your sales teams

      Whatever the size or structure of your sales teams, Regus has the network to support your business in local regions, nationally and throughout the world.

      Regus can: 

      • Provide sales teams with great places to work– including remote working, branch offices, business lounges, regional sales hubs, meeting rooms and board rooms.
      • Provide access to the Regus network to use as your own, as and when you need it.
      • Employ sales people in the most flexible and cost-effective ways, by providing the right infrastructure for them.
      • Help sales teams explore new markets at very low cost, providing support on the ground as well as local information.
      • Deploy sales people closer to prospects and customers.
      • Provide dedicated workspace for telesales teams.

      Want to know more? Speak to a Corporate Advisor at 855-REGUS-54.

  • Property directors

    • Introduce greater flexibility and efficiency to your real estate portfolio

      Regus understands the changing nature of work, and in particular the pressures on Property Directors to plan, acquire, manage and administer real estate.

      Regus can: 

      • Help you to reduce unnecessary real estate costs by eliminating outdated and underused offices.
      • Introduce greater flexibility and efficiency to your real estate portfolio.
      • Reduce start-up costs and running costs.
      • Develop a more environmentally-friendly approach by placing and managing staff in more efficient and carbon-neutral ways.

      Want to know more? Speak to a Corporate Advisor at 855-REGUS-54.

  • HR directors

    • Increase employee retention and fashion an improved work-life balance for your teams

      Our products and services provide HR Directors with the right environments for employees to work efficiently and productively, worldwide.

      Regus enables you to support your staff when they are away from the corporate headquarters. If they are working in new territories, Regus offers them a home away from home.

      Regus can:

      • Introduce flexible working practices which result in more satisfied and productive employees.
      • Create great environments for people to work in.
      • Deploy staff quickly and easily in new territories.
      • Improve employee relations.
      • Provide workspace for specific HR functions, including recruitment, training, internal communication and team-building.

      Want to know more? Speak to a Corporate Advisor at 855-REGUS-54.

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