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Past webinars:

Meeting the future of work

John Blackwell – Quora consulting

October, 2012

This webinar ‘Meeting the future of work’ a research study by John Blackwell of Quora consulting reveals a valuable new insight into the future of work and the three drivers that justify changing work practices; responding to cost, productivity and competitive positioning pressures.

Meeting the future of work - a research study

Meeting the future of work

The Kinetic Organisation

Andrew Mawson - Advanced Workspace Associates

June, 2012

This webinar explores the ‘Kinetic Organisation’ – a research study by Andrew Mawson of Advanced Workspace Associate. Understand how the traditional hierarchical, command and control organisational model is not appropriate for the modern business world and for flexible working, whilst looking at what organisational model may be better suited for the future.

The Kinetic Organisation - a research study

Kinetic Organisation thumb

Why place still matters in the digital age: Third place working in easy reach of home

Ziona Strelitz, ZZA Responsive User Environment

October 23, 2011

The webinar presents an independent research report from ZZA Responsive User Environments which scotches the myth that flexible working means home-working. The report, which combines data from a global 17,000-strong business survey with in-depth qualitative interviews with business people across the world, demonstrates that working in ‘third places’ – neither office nor home – is the new norm.

View the Why place still matters in the digital age: Third place working in easy reach of home webinar

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VWork: Measuring the benefits of agility at work

Phillip Ross

June 23, 2011

Will the traditional office soon become extinct? As organisations increasingly escape the confines of office walls and move toward an agile working environment, the need for a fixed workplace becomes less important

View the VWork: Measuring the benefits of agility at work webinar

Vwork thumb

How can CRE contribute to Enterprise Success?

Dr Barry Varcoe

April 20, 2011

Cutting your real estate costs and solving the problem of under-utilized office space.

View the CRE For Enterprise Success webinar

CRE thumb

Learn how Yell.com cut real estate costs in half

Bill Devereux, Estate Manager, Yell.com
& John Hampton, Regus

February 10, 2011

Yell cut their property costs in half in 2010 by moving to a more flexible and agile workspace model. This one hour webinar shows how your organization can save while maintaining maximum efficiency.

View the Yell.com webinar

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