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"The reasons we chose Regus were the coverage of its office network and the flexibility it offers. We knew there would always be convenient workspace and the right facilities for us to use"

Steve Godwin, Crisis Director Danone Dairies and Waters UK


WD 40

"We chose Regus’ Workplace Recovery Restart because it stood out as the most flexible option for ensuring business resilience. The Regus office is just 20 minutes drive from our EMEA headquarters in Milton Keynes, and we appreciated the flexible layout Regus offered for fully furnished office space and meeting rooms. With Regus we have a named person who can give us individual attention, whereas some other Workplace Recovery companies we looked at only provided call centers."

Jonathan McCoy, General Manager, WD-40 Company

Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.


"If I want to open an office in Brazil, or talk about our workspace in Tokyo, I contact our Regus account manager and he arranges everything for us. We have one point of contact who manages all our needs."

Birgit Eggers-Spängler,
Office Manager, Hybris



"It’s now easy accessing and going to the office, doing my calls and meeting customers. There’s a new airport at Umhlanga, a 10-minute drive away, and I’ve already met up with a customer flying in. Regus has made business simpler for me."

Dereen Dulai,
account executive in the Kwa Zulu Natal region



"Simple, cost effective and does not require a long term commitment that either hinders growth or wastes money on unnecessary space. It makes setting up in a new country risk and hassle free."

Wolfgang Gollub, Senior manager, administration – general affairs Toshiba Europe GmbH



"We like the flexibility of using Regus. You are not locked into one office. If we need to upgrade we can move up with no extra cost. All these are important to Charterhouse as we are growing all the time and need that flexibility."

Cathy Preshner, HR Director, Charterhouse


"Working with a single point of contact at Regus for our global workspace needs makes our global expansion manageable and efficient. We have also saved a lot of money avoiding the upfront capital expenditure associated with fitting out traditional office space."

Larry Wolfert, Senior Director, Global Real Estate for


Cornell University

"Since its inception, our program has grown considerably and we are now in more cities thanks to Regus."

Stephen Demmings,
manager of videoconferencing services,
Johnson School of Management, Cornell University



"The great benefit of being with Regus is it’s so easy to expand. They increased the size of our workspace by giving us another room and taking down a wall – doing everything over a weekend. Every day they evolve their service as they learn more about how we do things differently in Google."

Dr Paul Barreto, Country Manager, Google Portugal

Google Portugal

Challenger, Gray & Christmas

"Any company that is looking for ways to be highly productive has to look at their real estate costs. Real estate has been so rigid for the last century that creating a flexible model takes on a new kind of creative thought. Before Regus we just rented out offices and had to pay for them then they sat empty."

John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Molson Coors

"Regus is very flexible to our needs – as well as the attraction of being able to grow or get smaller; it provides us with a low-cost and fast set-up. In Spain, I toured three centres and moved into one that afternoon."

Dave McCarthy, Chief Commercial Officer - Europe, Molson Coors

Molson Coors International


"Every time we open a local operation we start with Regus because it’s easy. Instead of the complexities of starting a business in a new country, such as managing the facilities, you just start working."

Pankaj Parshotam, Marketing Manager, Consumer, TomTom Portugal



"Whereas previously the sales team would spend more time than they would like in traffic and motorway black spots, with Regus they can simply touch down at any of 40 office locations or have meetings wherever it best suits them."

Simon Taylor, Head of Property for Yell


"The Regus solution allows us to enter new markets quickly without taking on the costs and risk of establishing our own infrastructure. It also makes our real estate operation more efficient, since we only have to deal with one company to get set up..."

Fred Franz, Senior Director of Worldwide Real Estate and Facilities Polycom, Inc.


Red Hat

"We've been working with Regus for more than 10 years...Flexibility is at the heart of Regus, which means we can enter a new country or region without significant cost and risk to our business."

Craig Youst, Senior Director, Global Facilities & Real Estate, Red Hat

Red Hat

Juniper Networks

"With a more agile model, we are no longer on the real estate roller coaster...We can now acquire just what we need, when we need it for as long as we need it without risk or excessive costs."

Coleen Hurley, Director of Corporate Real Estate, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks

Parkers Executive Chauffeurs

"Regus were the ideal solution for us – you move in and plug in. Now that we have a Regus Restart recovery plan, we wouldn’t have to wait the five days for the loss adjuster, but could move in the next day."

Brian Rudd, Managing Director Parkers Executive Chauffeurs

Parkers Executive Chauffeurs

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