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Tokyo Otemachi 1st Square

100-0004,Tokyo,Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku,Otemachi First Square, 1-5-1,4/F East Tower

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Otemachi 1st Square

Distance: 2.41 Miles

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In the dynamic area of Otemachi, the centre of the financial district...

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Tokyo Aoyama Place Canada

107-0052,Tokyo,7-3-37 Akasaka Minato-ku,1/F Place Canada

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Aoyama Place Canada

Distance: 2.47 Miles

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The Tokyo Aoyama Place Canada Centre is located in Aoyama, one of the m...

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Tokyo Shinjuku Park Tower

163-1030,Tokyo,Shinjuku-ku,3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku,30/F Shinjuku Park Tower

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Shinjuku Park Tower

Distance: 2.80 Miles

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The Shinjuku Park Tower Centre is on the 30th floor of a 52-storey land...

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Tokyo Pacific Century Place

100-6208,Tokyo,Chiyoda-ku,1-11-1 Marunouchi,Level 8 Pacific Century Place

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Pacific Century Place

Distance: 2.90 Miles

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The 31-storey building is in a major economic and financial district. I...

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Tokyo Ark Hills

107-6012,Tokyo,Akasaka, Minato-ku,12/F Ark Mori Building, 1-12-32

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Ark Hills

Distance: 2.93 Miles

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The Tokyo Ark Hills centre is in a large-scale mixed-use complex - rece...

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Tokyo, Yaesu Dori

103-0015,Tokyo,Chuo-ku,Building 3-4-15 Nihonbashi,4F & 5F Yaesu Dori

Opening Soon

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo, Yaesu Dori

Distance: 2.96 Miles

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The Yaesu Dori business centre is located next to Tokyo Station one of...

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Tokyo Ginza Yurakucho

Tokyo,Chiyoda-ku,Yurakucho 2-7-1,Level 12, Yurakucho Ekimae Building

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Ginza Yurakucho

Distance: 2.98 Miles

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The Tokyo Yurakucho Centre is located in the Yurakucho Ekimae building...

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Tokyo Hibiya Centre

100-0011,Tokyo,Chiyoda-ku,1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho,15/F The Imperial Hotel Tower

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Hibiya Centre

Distance: 3.06 Miles

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This business centre is on the south side of the Imperial Palace and ga...

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Tokyo Kamiyacho MT Building

105-0001,Tokyo,Minato-ku,4-3-20 Toranomon,14/F Kamiyacho MT Building

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Kamiyacho MT Building

Distance: 3.21 Miles

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Tokyo Kamiyacho MT Centre is a contemporary high-rise that occupies a p...

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Tokyo, Roppongi Ekimae

106-0032,Tokyo,Minato-ku,6-1-20 Roppongi,5F, 6F & 7F Roppongi Denki Building

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo, Roppongi Ekimae

Distance: 3.22 Miles

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The Roppongi Ekimae business centre is located on the 5th, 6th & 7th fl...

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Tokyo, Ginza 1-Chome

104-0061,Tokyo,Chuo-ku,5F/6F 1-16-7 Ginza,Daiei Ginza Building

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo, Ginza 1-Chome

Distance: 3.23 Miles

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The Tokyo Ginza business centre is located in the heart of the Ginza ar...

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Tokyo, Harajuku

150-0001,Tokyo,Shibuya-ku,6-28-9 Jingumae,3F/5F/6F Tobu Building

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo, Harajuku

Distance: 3.31 Miles

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The  Jingumae centre is located on the 3rd, 5th & 6th floors of the Tob...

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Tokyo Shinbashi

105-0004,Tokyo,Minato-ku,4-21-3, Shinbashi,2/F & 3/F Shinbashi Tokyu Bldg

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Shinbashi

Distance: 3.43 Miles

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The Tokyo Shinbashi Tokyu Centre is in the Shinbashi area, a new busine...

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Tokyo, Shiba Daimon

105-0012,Tokyo,1-10-11 Shiba Daimon Minato Ku,10F Shiba Daimon Centre

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo, Shiba Daimon

Distance: 3.68 Miles

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Regus Shiba Daimon Centre is located on the 10th Floor of this modern b...

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Tokyo Shiodome Building Hamamatsu cho

105-0022,Tokyo,Minato-ku,1-2-20 Kaigan,3/F Shiodome Building

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Shiodome Building Hamamatsu cho

Distance: 3.93 Miles

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This glass-fronted modern high-rise is a centrepiece building in the Mi...

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Tokyo Shibuya Mark City

150-0043,Tokyo,Shibuya-ku,1-12-1 Dogenzaka,19 & 22/F Shibuya Mark City

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Shibuya Mark City

Distance: 4.02 Miles

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This 22nd floor centre has breathtaking views of Shibuya ' which is Jap...

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Tokyo, Hiroo

Tokyo,Hiroo Shibuya-ku,Taisei Koki Building 5-4-12

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo, Hiroo

Distance: 4.04 Miles

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Hiroo is one of the most prestigious residential districts in south cen...

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Tokyo Azabu Green Terrace

106-0047,Tokyo,Minato-ku,3-20-1 Minami-Azabu,5/F Azabu Green Terrace

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Azabu Green Terrace

Distance: 4.26 Miles

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Azabu Green Terrace offers a prestigious address for companies looking...

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Tokyo, Shibuya Glass City

150-0036,Tokyo,Shibuya-ku,16-28 Nampeidai-cho,Glass City Shibuya 6F

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo, Shibuya Glass City

Distance: 4.27 Miles

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The Regus Shibuya Glass City Business centre is located on the 6th floo...

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Tokyo, Ebisu

150-0022,Tokyo,Shibuya-ku,Ebisu minami 1-1-1,7F & 8F Humax Ebisu building

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo, Ebisu

Distance: 4.49 Miles

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This centre is located inside the Humax Ebisu Building located right in...

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Tokyo Arca Central

1300013,Tokyo,Sumida-ku,14/F 1-2-1 Kinshi,Arca Central Building

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Arca Central

Distance: 4.52 Miles

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Arca Central is the centre of three towers in the Arca Towers complex...

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Tokyo Shinagawa East One Tower

108-0075,Tokyo,Minato-ku,2-16-1 Konan,4/F Shinagawa East One Tower

Regus Business Centre, Tokyo Shinagawa East One Tower

Distance: 5.63 Miles

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The gleaming Shinagawa East One Tower is in the centre of one of Tokyo'...

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Yokohama Sky Building

220-0011,Yokohama,Yokohama Sky Building 20F,2-19-12 Takashima

Regus Business Centre, Yokohama Sky Building

Distance: 17.93 Miles

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The Yokohama Sky Building business centre is in a modern and developing...

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Yokohama Landmark Tower

220-8120,Yokohama,2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku Kanagawa,20F Yokohama Landmark Tower

Regus Business Centre, Yokohama Landmark Tower

Distance: 18.48 Miles

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This business centre is in Yokohama's Landmark Tower, one of the city's...

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Yokohama, Kannai

231-0015,Yokohama,Kanagawa,4-57 Onoecho, Naka-ku,8F Onoecho Building

Regus Business Centre, Yokohama, Kannai

Distance: 18.98 Miles

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The centre is located within a 5-minute walk from JR Kannai station and...

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Chiba, Chiba Daiei

260-0015,Chiba,Chiba-shi,Chuo-ku,14-13 Fujimi 1-Chome

Regus Business Centre, Chiba, Chiba Daiei

Distance: 22.71 Miles

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The Regus Chiba Daiei business centre is located in the heart of Chiba'...

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