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  • This is Why Your Startup Needs a Business Address

This is Why Your Startup Needs a Business Address

It may have been the easiest thing to overlook when getting our tech startup off the ground.  While the product was ready to ship, we were still in a fragile stage where every new sale was determining the livelihood of our business model.  At the same time, we were dumbfounded by the discovery that there were so many bounces from our Sign-up page.

Web traffic was up and interaction with prospects was strong, however we could not always get them through that next step.  You know, that step where they submit their payment information.  If the customers were confirming with us ahead of time that “yes, you solve a problem that is worth me paying for!”, then where was the roadblock?  It turns out the roadblock may have been the road itself.

A follow-up phone call began to pinpoint one of our main objections.  The prospect described what caused her to turn away after ‘googling’ our business address.  She explained that “we thought you guys were an established business” (which we kind of were), and then elaborated that committing to a business operating out of someone’s house made her uncomfortable.

If anyone gains the luxury of this candid feedback, it may save you the pitfall of future lost customers.  If you can uplift the confidence of your targeted audience by establishing a business address, then why not do it today?  Virtual office options through Regus let companies set up their corporate address and mail handling for a simple monthly fee, even if they are working from home or from another city.  

You may be overlooking just how much the customer knows about you before they sign that next contract or send that next check.  If you’re looking for them to stay committed to you, then it may be time to show them that you’re also committed to building a stronger foundation of the business they buy from.