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  • The perfect blend: A workplace solution that harnesses the synergy of the intergenerational workforce

The perfect blend: A workplace solution that harnesses the synergy of the intergenerational workforce

Is it time to prepare for a clash of generations in the workplace? As late retirement becomes the new normal, there are now four generations at work at the same time for the first time in history.

Spanning an age range of up to 70 years, this intergenerational workforce has differing viewpoints about every aspect of the workplace. Cradle to grave (with a pension along the way) has given way to self-preservation and a mercenary-like approach to work. Additionally, the ready availability of ubiquitous technology has transformed the very idea of the physical workplace.

The intergenerational workplace comprises:

  • Four generations: The World War II Generation (born 1929-1945), the Baby Boom Generation (born 1946-1964), Generation X (born 1965-1979) and Generation Y (born 1980-1999)
  • An opportunity for organizations to harness the strengths of workers from each generation, all of whom want to learn from one another

By providing flexible workspaces that promote different work processes and practices, forward-thinking organizations are best able to appease and synergize this intergenerational workforce. How can your organization easily do this?

Regus provides innovative workspace solutions, including on-demand meeting rooms, videoconferencing studios and individual work stations, allowing for companies to move towards instituting a blended approach to work that best meets the needs of the intergenerational workforce. This blended approach:

  • Combines mobile and flexible work arrangements with work within the traditional office environment
  • Integrates distributed work patterns that include working from home or in a "third place", a dynamic common space where workers can easily convene
  • Meets the workplace expectation of younger generations, who covet flexibility and mobility
  • Benefits older generations by enabling part-time or telecommuting-based work on a flexible schedule to help them ease towards retirement

So forget about a clash of generations. The workplace of the future provides for a blend of generations.