A Mobile Workforce Never Stops

New Yorkers and visitors are always on the go.  The city has done a great job of documenting the free Wi-Fi spots in Manhattan and across the boroughs where people can check email, update Facebook statuses or send out Tweets.  However, no matter how pretty the view is from the park bench, or how good the artisanal coffee is at the corner café, you can’t sit in a park, coffee shop or even hotel lobby and do substantive work for an extended period of time.  Simply put, these spots are not the proper venues for conference calls, new business presentations or important interviews.  So where do the pros go?


Modern approaches to work is fueling the steady growth of professional business hubs in the tri-state area.  Specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s workers, these lounges attract people who are in between meetings, on business travel or just in search of place where they can enjoy some plush seating and surround themselves with other like-minded professionals.

Over the past few years, more of these facilities are popping up in New York City as workers ditch the coffee shops and the isolation of working from home in search of a more convenient place to work.  The purposeful design of these locations encourages networking, productivity and inspiration.

This growing trend is applicable to professionals in any industry because:

Customers dictate the terms:  Individuals in need of a touch down space for one hour or need a day to host back-to-back meeting can secure the space and length of time that works for them. No long-term commitment required.

Networking:  Casual conversations can lead to new business opportunities. It’s quite common for ideas to be shared and problems solved by simply walking across the room and starting a conversation with another person.

Business amenities:  State-of-the-art meeting room space, a dedicated support team and secure Wi-Fi (along with endless amount of free coffee) set the stage for a productive day.

The 311 on NYC’s Booming Virtual Office Scene

Walk by any coffee shop in New York City and crammed inside among the strollers, tourists and gaggle of teens are people trying to work. Fed up with the isolation of working from home and priced out of soaring office costs throughout Manhattan, virtual offices are a welcome reprieve for small businesses trying to make it in the Big Apple.  For a fraction of the cost required to set up and maintain a full-time office, businesses can use a virtual office to boost their image, enhance productivity and even expand into new markets.



In true New York style, shared workspace providers boast some of the top addresses in the City.  From Bryant Park to Rockefeller Plaza, businesses of any size can secure a prominent address starting from less than $99 per month (which is less than the price of a fancy dinner in NYC).   Here are three reasons why NYC professionals are flocking to virtual offices:

  1. An address to impress

Image matters, especially in New York.  A premier business addresses gives a company instant credibility and is much more professional than using a home address.  Having a “212” phone number combined with a well-known address is an advantage for any company doing business in New York.  Regus customers can choose from 39 NYC locations.

  1. Pay-as-you-go services

In addition to mail handling, call answering and concierge services, virtual office customers also have access to meeting room space and day offices.  This feature is particularly useful for virtual office customers who need access to space on-demand when hosting client meetings or new business presentations.

  1. Flexibility to work anywhere

No matter where your work takes you, a virtual office customer will always have a home base.  The administrative team at your facility acts as an extension of your team and will ensure your business operations continue.

Regus Opens Lounges to Metro-North Riders

In the wake of another Metro-North closure, we are opening up our lounges in Connecticut, Westchester and New York City for free to those with Metro-North tickets. The lounges will be open through October, 18th, while the tracks are under repair.

Our business lounges provide a productive and professional environment to stay productive and save you hours trying to get to and from work.

Visit www.regus.com to find your nearest center.  Simply present your ticket to Metro-North and you will receive free access to our lounges.

Regus Shares its Secrets to Success at WomanCon 2013


In just a few short days, hundreds of talented and successful women will gather for WomanCon 2013 with the purpose of learning, connecting and finding the inspiration to take their business to the next level.

Regus is ready to educate all attendees on how being flexible will give them more control and less stress when managing their business’ workspace needs.

We can teach you how to grow, prosper and compete with limited capital and minimal risk.

Here’s what we do.  Regus provides flexible workspace that frees businesses of any size to work more efficiently.   Our mission is to help you work better by leveraging our completely customizable business services.  For more than 20 years, we have been in front of the flexible and mobile working trend and operate more than 1,500 business centers worldwide.  In NYC alone, we have more than 40 locations at some of the most prestigious locations in the city, which our clients drop-in and use whenever they need to.

Working with businesses at all stages of development has helped us develop products with the sole purpose of helping companies succeed, save money and enhance their corporate identities.  Many of our current clients form new connections and partnerships simply by sitting next to a different business from a different industry in our space.

Regus is committed to helping female entrepreneurs work smarter and more efficiently and this year’s conference gives us the perfect opportunity to reach businesses who can most benefit from what we do.

Fashion Forward at Regus NY

With some of the most high profiles designers and stylists in the fashion business concentrated in New York City, making a big statement as a small business owner in this hyper competitive industry in tough.  But that’s exactly what Gurjot New York is doing.

Gurjot Sidhu is the founder of Gurjot New York – a custom design clothing company for female executives.  She has chosen to run her business from Regus’ midtown Manhattan location because it projects the right image, is easy for her clients to get to and offers a professional environment that allows her to be productive.

Regus’ New York City portfolio includes more than 40 business centers.  Gurjot opted for the Madison Avenue center as it proved to be the best fit.

“Location wise, all my clients are in this area. It’s easy for them to pop over during lunch,” said Gurjot. She was able to secure the right amount of space in the center that gives her a private office along with a showroom directly across the hall filled with the latest trends in fashion for professional women.

Always conscious of style, Gurjot also felt the office décor, color palette and amenities aligned with her business’ corporate identity.

“I have worked in a corporate environment my whole life.  And, I needed a place to go to where it felt corporate, so that I could feel productive.”

Having a built-in support staff is a bonus as well.

“The staff is incredible and the entire team has become a part of my team,” she said.