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  • Seth Godin: “We must face up to limitations”

Seth Godin: “We must face up to limitations”

Global Operations Director

The Only reason every project doesn't scale to infinity is that something runs out. Time, money, natural resources, new fashions, new customers… something is scarce.

The first question you need to ask about your project is: what's scarce?

The second: how do I get by with less of it?

Seth Godin’s Blog, June 2012 

Seth Godin on scarcity

Seth Godin (pictured) has this in exactly the right order. The key here is ensuring you have the right answer to the first question before you can address the latter. The answer may vary from small businesses to larger ones. 

As a business, we conduct a lot of research in this field under our Business Confidence Index series, and the results are often telling. In April, 49% of small business told us that a lack of access to cost effective capital was the key factor that contributed to corporate distress during the slowdown. The figure falls to 44% for large businesses. 

But when it comes to time, it seems that large businesses want more, with 43% of respondents identifying more flexible working conditions as the initiative that would do most to support stable growth, as opposed to only 34% of small business respondents. Do you buck the trend?  Or is there something else your business is finding scarce?