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  • Survey Finds New Yorkers On The Move Are In Need Of A More Productive Workspace

Survey Finds New Yorkers On The Move Are In Need Of A More Productive Workspace

Now that mobile technology has freed workers from the shackles of their offices, a new survey conducted by Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, set out to find how and where New Yorkers get work done.

The data reveals New Yorkers are constantly on the hunt for a place to work:

•62% are expected to be “always on” and available to work from any place and at any time.

•89% work away from their primary offices nearly half the month, on average.

While New Yorkers are accustomed to working on-the-go, they admit in the survey the places they often find themselves in are not professional workspaces:

•68% have worked from restaurants, bars, or coffee shops.

•54% think it’s difficult to be productive in those locations.

To fill the void for workers on the move looking for a professional place to do business, Regus has introduced a solution with the opening of its flagship business lounge in New York City at 747 Third Avenue in Midtown (which New Yorkers ranked as the #1 neighborhood they find themselves in when they’re away from the office during a workday).  Regus also opened a second street-level lounge in the heart of Chelsea at 275 7th Avenue.  These latest investments in New York are designed to provide workers access to a professional place to collaborate, hold a meeting and get work done.

“These are the ideal locations for professionals looking to avoid the isolation of working from home and the endless distractions of a hotel lobby or coffee shop,” said Guillermo Rotman, CEO Regus Americas.  “Our new centers can accommodate New Yorkers and business travelers who need to be in the city and near clients.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded professionals often leads to new business partnerships.”

Survey respondents also indicated some of the basics they need to stay productive are very hard to find:

•60% need access to a power outlet

•41% need security

•37% need privacy

While these needs can rarely be met at a coffee shop or restaurant, Regus’ lounges on the east and west side are designed to support modern work habits, which includes more interaction, collaboration and spontaneity.

“We have business centers at the top addresses throughout the city,” explained Rotman.  “Demand is growing as businesses of all sizes want to be more flexible, avoiding long-term, expensive commitments.  The nature of work is changing and the opening of our street-level locations was in direct response to the diverse needs of today’s workforce.”