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Work for free from Regus to celebrate Earth Day

Here’s your chance to cut your commute, cut pollution and increase your productivity.

To celebrate Earth Day, we’re opening our doors and inviting you to work from any of our more than 600 lounges in the US FOR FREE on Friday, April 19, the Friday before Earth Day.  

Unnecessary carbon emissions, wasted time and loss of productivity are just a few of the negatives associated with a lengthy ride into work.  According to the latest US Census data, the average commute time is 25 minutes.  That adds up to more than 100 hours a year behind the wheel, pumping tons of harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. 

By visiting your nearest Regus center on Earth Day, you’re doing more than promoting environmental sustainability; you’ll see an instant improvement in your work-life balance.

To find your nearest Regus lounge, visit or download our App.

Going even greener, we’re helping to plant trees in local communities.  On April 19th, we will donate up to 1,000 trees/seedlings based on the number of people who retweet  “Cut your commute and cut pollution.  RT and we’ll plant a tree #earthday” from @RegusUSA, checks in on Foursquare or likes Regus’ Earth Day post on Facebook.