GALLERY: Third Place offices – the best places to work? You decide…

Offices are changing. Wires, paper, books, computers, phones, stationery… they’re all on their way out, and they’re being replaced with singular multi-function devices. Tablets and smartphones are changing the way we work and where we work.

The result of all this is a new breed of flexible working centres: quiet, comfortable spaces with workers able to come and go as and when they like. It’s not an office, it’s not home, it’s a ‘Third Place’ somewhere in between, and Regus thinks it’s the way we’re going to work in the future. 

There are few better examples of this than the new Station-to-Station space at Amersfoort Railway Station:

best office kitchen

Nderlands business lounge

Regus business lounge

Meeting room Amersfoort

gym in office

Amersfoort, just southeast of Amsterdam, forms a vital rail link between the Netherlands’ heavily populated southeast corner and towns further north. And with more and more Dutch taking to the rails to cut emissions and costs, it’s therefore an ideal place to meet up with colleagues, clients or prospective business partners. 

As you can see, the Third Place has been designed to provide for this, with meeting spaces and rooms in many different sizes and forms. Forget what you know about office space: Amersfoort S2S is steel, glass, flatscreen TVs, designer lighting and views of, well your next train. 

Helping us work on the move, the Third Space concept is catching on in all sorts of places: airports worldwide, UK Extra Motorway service stations, French SNCF railway stations and more Dutch NS stations. You’ll see them popping up at Swiss railway stations in the months ahead as well. 

Does work get any funkier than this? Tell us where you’d like to see a Third Place pop up near you.