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Flexible Work – The Conventional Option

Whether you vote red or blue, the conventions will equal a lot of green for Charlotte and Tampa.  For some of you that means a headache, for others it's a potentially lucrative couple of weeks as tens of thousands of media, delegates and business people fill the cities.


For miles around the events, frozen zones will be established, loaded with security checkpoints — commuting into downtown Charlotte and Tampa could take forever.  Many people and companies are looking for alternatives to the chaos and distractions.  That's why a lot of businesses are looking into flexible work options.  While working from home or a coffee shop may work for some, many people still find a professional business environment the most productive place to work.


We've already had several companies that operate close to the conventions ask about other flexible options.  In Charlotte for example, where the Democratic National Convention will be held Sept 3-6 at the Time Warner Arena, a company called Discover Ready is relocating 80 of its employees from their downtown location to our University location, on the outskirts of Charlotte.  The company wants to keep workers out of the spotlight and productive; therefore, they will be using our offices, meeting rooms and business lounges.


On the flip side, there are a lot of businesses and media outlets coming to do business in Charlotte and Tampa.  The conventions are estimated to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into local economies and businesses want a piece of that.  To operate, people need a place with access to offices, where they can hold meetings, get their work done, take phone calls, have internet access and be able to print paperwork.


For example, Lakeland based Scalfani Williams Court Reporters is expecting to be very busy during the Republican National Convention, being help at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on Aug 27-30.  They use our locations throughout the Tampa area but have reserved extra space at our Westshore Plaza Center during the RNC.


There will not only be traffic on the roads but over the airwaves too.  Wireless carriers are adding wi-fi "hot zones" to try to keep up with necessary bandwidth needed during the conventions.


Some businesses have already announced they will close during the conventions; something many can't afford to do.  Flexible workspaces offers a great solution for uptown businesses and commuters who want to avoid heavy traffic and overloaded wi-fi networks, while staying productive and profitable.