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Football (Soccer) Is More Than A Game: 5 Leaders On and Off the Field

I’ve loved football (soccer to our American cousins) for as long as I can remember. But it’s always been more than just a game for me. In fact, it’s been a constant source of inspiration and education. So, as the …

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The last commute?

Why would anyone commute to work? Almost throughout the twentieth century, that question would have seemed absurd. We commuted to work because work happened in factories and offices, and it was the daily duty of every employee to transport themselves …

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The common pitfalls with performance-related pay

Linking pay and reward to performance is nothing new, but do it with care. I never took kindly to the idea of respecting my elders. As it happens, I have immense respect for a number of people from an earlier …

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Organize your working time for maximum productivity

How can we organize working time in such a way that we achieve maximum productivity while promoting human happiness? Of all the various aspects of work/life balance, this is the trickiest and most interesting… Not so long ago, working time …

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Mixing Business and Pleasure – Over a Good Meal

Can you, or should you, mix business with pleasure? If, like me, you find business to be one of the most reliable sources of pleasure, then the question seems absurd. The best things happen when business and pleasure are mixed …

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Managing a remote workforce

Remote or flexible working – as opposed to the traditional office routine – is here to stay. It is an inevitable consequence of globalization and technological development. When technology makes it possible for people to work more effectively from long …

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Is coming into the office and meeting face-to-face a thing of the past?

We are in the throes of a working revolution that is changing the way organizations function, the way people live, and the way we relate to our environment. Increasingly, people aren’t going to work – work is coming to them. …

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The best kind of networking

Everyone accepts the importance of networking. Many of us get our best work through personal introductions, or hire our best people on the basis of a personal recommendation. We know the power of word of mouth. Today, when a rumour …

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Youth vs experience: the workplace challenge

Much has been said about ageing populations, a problem that is most acute in Japan, where over-65s account for 25% of the population, and may account for 40% by 2060.  At the other extreme is the equally pressing problem of …

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Africa: an economic success story waiting to happen

Africa looks the most exciting place in the world to do business right now. For the past few years, economic growth has averaged five per cent, well above the global average, and is expected to climb further. Once heavily reliant …

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