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Grant Greenberg

PR and Communications Manager, North America

Tips and Tricks To Cut Your Earth Day Commute

Free Workspace on Earth Day How long did it take you to get to work today? The latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals the average one-way commute is 25 minutes. Those minutes quickly add up to more than …

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Don’t believe the (March) Madness

The build up to March Madness has some employers on edge. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament has been long recognized for having a clutching grip on workers who will obsessively follow their bracket selections more closely than their workload in …

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High Street Partners Collaborates with Regus to Simplify International Expansion

High Street Partners (HSP), the leader in international business software and services, and Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, have expanded their partnership to provide enhanced services and support for organizations that require new in-country workplaces as well …

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Regus Opens its Doors During Philadelphia Ice Storm

Thousands of homes and business are without power due to the recent ice storms in the area, making it difficult for remote workers and small businesses to get up and running again. Regus, the global flexible workspace provider, is opening …

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How the New Mobile Workforce Gets it all Done

The technical engineers of Dark Arts Consulting are well positioned to respond to their clients’ needs – right away.  That’s because the fast-paced New York tech firm has made it easy for its staff to reach clients throughout the New …

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Tips for Making a Good Impression

When pursuing a new client, be aware your prospect will make a judgment about your business within the few initial seconds of a meeting or phone call. In fact, studies have revealed first impressions are carved out by what can …

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Get Serious About Work-Life Balance

Successful entrepreneurs are successful because they are good at what they do and deliver real value and insight to their clients. However, many are failing in one area – achieving the elusive work-life balance. Being a workaholic isn’t beneficial professionally …

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What to Expect in the Workplace in 2014

As we close out 2013, I wanted to share some top workplace trends. We know technology has changed how we work forever; we’re more mobile and flexible and our workplaces and work lives are racing to catch up. As we …

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Top Small Business Owners Offer Their Keys To Success

We hear it all the time, small businesses are the engine that drives our economy.  Now more than ever, people are branching off and starting their own companies. We asked some of NYC’s most successful business owners and executives to …

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No Room for You

Earlier this year we asked business professionals across the country what their biggest challenges were when working from home. What we heard: an overwhelming 44 percent said family, kids and pets distributing phone calls, followed by the door bell, the …

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