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  • A greener, leaner office in three simple steps

A greener, leaner office in three simple steps

Greener working tipsThese days being green around the house probably comes as second nature to most of us. 

But much as our individual efforts make a difference, we can’t reverse the effects of climate change alone. The good news is that more businesses of all sizes are adopting green practices. 

Modern technology is helping too, by allowing us to work in smarter, more flexible ways. Here are three ways to cut your office’s carbon footprint and save money:

1. Wise up about your daily commute

The United Nations predicts that by 2050, 6.5 billion people will be living in urban areas. That’s an awful lot of people doing a daily commute! 

Rather than driving to work every day, join a carpool. It will save you money and cut carbon emissions. There are plenty of apps on the market to get you started. 

Does your company run a cycle scheme? Many do and allow employees to buy a tax-free bike and pay it off over time. You’ll save money and get some exercise too.

It won’t be practical for all professions, but you may also consider working from home some of the time, which would save on travel costs and reduce your travel footprint. 


2. Adopt smarter working practices

It may sound trivial, but using less paper is an easy win. Large savings can be made simply by setting all printers to print on both sides. By making this switch, US law firm Arnold & Porter saved 350,000 sheets of paper in a year, not to mention a large chunk of money. 

Further savings can be made by activating your computers’ energy settings. Did you know that simply switching off your monitor will save 70 percent of the computer’s energy?


3. Embrace new technology 

Ask yourself, is it really necessary for me to go to that meeting in NYC? Chances are it can as easily be done by video- or teleconference, and suddenly your costly and lengthy business trip has been exchanged for a quick alternative at a fraction of the cost.

In 2010, Vodafone UK cut staff air travel by 26 percent (equivalent to 3,500 flights or 617 tonnes of CO2) thanks to the use of smarter technologies and by changing the way staff work. 

By adopting practices like those above, you’re also embracing elements of flexible working, something we are passionate about at Regus. What green initiatives does your company have in place?