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  • 5 North: Expanding into new markets virtually overnight.

5 North: Expanding into new markets virtually overnight.


5 North, Inc. is a sales and marketing firm that provides an outsourced direct marketing team. The company's clients include Direct Energy, AT&T, Verizon, Quill, Qwest and IMS (Quickbooks).

5 North opened in 2006 to provide effective, personal, results-driven marketing strategies. The company has developed its business strategies to provide even better solutions. 5 North consistently creates positive and long-lasting impressions.



The cost of office space, staff, and amenities is always a challenge to a startup. And 5 North had to be extremely cost-competitive. It needed a completely professional workspace with executive amenities for its clients. But it also had to remain flexible and avoid being locked into a lease. A new company just can't afford the luxury of a traditional lease and overhead.



5 North called on REgus to help set up its very first office in St. Louis in 2006. "Regus was suggested to us through a broker here," Office Manager Loren Hewitt said. "Regus is an extremely cost-efficient option for small to large businesses. For the cost, the locations and amenities are great for any business."

As the St. Louis office began to take off, the company had a new challenge to consider: it needed to expand into new markets.

5 North soon opened in Columbus, OH. Then, a potential client said they could have the business but needed them in New York City, 5 North opened a NYC office virtually overnight with the help of Regus. "We had such a great experience that we continued [with Regus] in different locations."

Today, 5 North continues to expand its roster of Fortune 500 clients across the country. The company plans more expansions as it reaches even greater success – staying flexible, efficient, and cost-effective along the way with Regus as a partner.