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  • 5 reasons for having a Virtual Office in NYC

5 reasons for having a Virtual Office in NYC

Virtual offices combine the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world with the credibility afforded by well-appointed office space at a prestigious address.

Essentially, a virtual office acts as an extension of your firm's physical presence. For a fraction of the cost required to set up and maintain a full-time office, entrepreneurs can use virtual offices to create a professional image, enhance productivity, and even expand their business into new markets.

A virtual office allows a business owner to:

Make a First-Class Impression: Pick a prestigious and strategic location that gives your company instant credibility and puts you close to the action. An impressive address and local phone number can make a big impact on potential clients and business associates. Clearly display company details on your website, business card and stationery. 

Get Closer to Customers: Businesses that have an address in the same city as their customers and prospects may have an advantage over out-of-town competitors. A virtual office gives you access to office space when and where you need it — which fosters networking and collaboration with customers and business peers.

Enter New Markets: For any company, one challenge of expansion is securing a large enough client base to justify an additional office in a new city. A virtual office solves that problem, allowing your firm to immediately establish a local address in another city with no upfront capital expense, no long-term lease and minimal risk. If business pans out in the new market, you can move into a full-time office. If not, cancel the virtual office and lose nothing.

Have a Professional Workspace as Needed: Be sure your provider has the ability to grant you office-space or a meeting room within your "virtual address". While in the office, you have access to all of the services and amenities you need to host visitors in a professional and productive setting.

Maximize Services And Technology: Pick a virtual office where you can count on your mail to be forwarded to you in a timely fashion and your calls to be answered in a professional manor. Plus, take advantage of administrative services offered by providers. These services free up your time and allows you to focus on growing your company.