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  • 10 surprising office gift ideas for your colleagues, customers and suppliers

10 surprising office gift ideas for your colleagues, customers and suppliers

Office Christmas gifts

How well do you know your colleagues, customers and suppliers? You need to impress them (and if you work remotely, you need to keep reminding them you exist), but do you understand them well enough to buy them a gift? Picking wrong could hurt your career, but buy something that they keep on their desk, and they'll remember you every day.

Regus surveyed 20,000 senior managers and owners in business to ask what it  was that they couldn't live without on their desks. Below are the 10 presents that will keep you popular through the holiday season and on into 2013.

  • The top answer was family photos, cherished by 18% of respondents. So the easiest choice of all, and one that is guaranteed to get pride of place on the recipient's desk, is a photo frame.
  • In second place, at 13% were useful business cards – if your colleague has a desk strewn with these, get them a business card organiser that will stop them from losing that key contact's details.
  • Do you know your colleague's taste really well? Then pick them up some artwork - 10% of people can't live without it.
  • Of the many things people used to keep their desks playful, the three most popular were dolls, miniature teddy bears and toy cars.
  • The highly-strung favoured motivation charts, but maybe you would be doing them a favour by getting them another popular item: stress balls.
  • Or you could pick something more eccentric from the answers to our survey – magic crystals, perhaps, or a Spongebob Squarepants pen.

What about you? What could your colleagues buy to make your year in the office end on a high note?

(Photo: Teddy's office tour, by Ted & Dani Percival)