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Small is Beautiful (but tough)

Small is Beautiful (but tough)Regus

November 2010

A global research report amongst entrepreneurial firms, assessing performance, hiring intentions, government support and attitudes to flexible working.

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The Regus Business Tracker - Edition 3

People Power - The Regus Business Tracker 3Regus

October 2010

The third edition of the Regus business tracker points to rising confidence amongst the global business community as the Optimism Index rises four points. In a further positive indicator, respondents to the six-monthly Business Tracker survey are looking to increase headcount, and attract new staff to accelerate growth - 45% of companies globally expect to add staff to their payroll in 2011, compared with 9% expecting to cut staffing levels, resulting in a net positive employment result of 36% for 2011.

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Up or Out - Next moves for the modern expatriate

Up or OutEconomist Intelligence Unit

September 2010

Up or out: Next moves for the modern expatriate is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report sponsored by Regus. In researching this report, we conducted a survey in July 2010 of 418 executives who were either currently or recently in expatriate assignments, or had responsibility for them. The surveyed executives were based in 77 different countries; 31% were in North America, 29% in Asia-Pacific, 23% in western Europe. Over half were board level or C-suite; the rest were in senior management roles, in a wide range of functions, covering 19 industries. Almost two fifths (39%) worked in companies with annual global revenues below $500m and 28% in companies above $10bn. In addition, we conducted in depth interviews with 10 company executives, academics and consultants with expertise in the field.

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Social Success

Social SuccessRegus

July 2010

The report looks into the relevance of social media for businesses around the globe. Is social networking a phenomenon that has taken a comparable hold in the professional world as it has at an individual level? Importantly the report also answers the question, can social media increase your companies profitability?

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Green Shoots Only?

Green Business InvestmentRegus

June 2010

In the past decade converting to more sustainable business practices has evolved into an important corporate requirement. Green issues dominate the media especially around global negotiations such as the Copenhagen summit. Scientific evidence shows that the cost of inaction will be far higher than the cost of converting to low carbon technologies and practices. This study looks into the views of global business on Greener working and reports results on how individual countries business community is working towards a greener future.

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The Regus Business Tracker 2

Business Tracker Report - April 2010Regus

April 2010

According to the latest edition of the bi-annual Regus BusinessTracker survey Global economic growth is progressing steadily, but full recovery will not be reliably under way until December 2010. The survey’s 15,000 respondents from 75 countries reported a higher percentage of businesses seeing revenue and profit growth than were experiencing decline. However, respondents have now shifted their expectation of the full momentum of economic recovery back five months, from July to December.

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Liveable Lives

Liveable LivesZiona Strelitz, ZZA Responsive User Environments

March 2010

The aim of the report is to alert Human Resources and Corporate Real Estate professionals to the tensions employees face in managing their commitments to work and the rest of life – challenges that are magnified when long travel time is involved. On the face of it, centralized workplace ‘palaces’ might seem to cater for employees’ every conceivable need, but the critical requirement that they often frustrate is easy travel between work and home. Importantly, the significant negatives of having all your workspace in one big building or campus, no matter how gleaming, also represent costs to employers, through their impacts on staff recruitment, retention and motivation – and hence on wellbeing and productivity.

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agility at workMark Dixon and Philip Ross

March 2010

This report sets out to predict the future of work. Using insights from property directors at organisations such as Barclays, BP, Nokia and Accenture it presents six trends or forces that are reshaping work, and in turn allowing companies to change the way they organise work. These external forces are: demography, culture, technology, sustainability, transport and property. Together they not only comprise the key overheads of a business, but also the drivers of change that no company can ignore if it is to get into shape as the world emerges from recession.

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