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Flexible Working Mums

Flexible Working MumsRegus

December 2009

In a comprehensive piece of research Regus identified that almost half of businesses intend to increase the numbers of working mums in its workforce over the next two years. However for new mothers returning to work, flexibility is of paramount importance. Employers welcoming women back from maternity leave or taking on mothers as new hires must recognise the myriad personal and professional challenges facing this portion of the workforce. The report asserts that by allowing mothers the ability to work in part from home, or only within viable hours, or otherwise shape their schedules to fit their family obligations, employers can create an environment that is conducive to higher productivity and lower stress levels for back-to-work mums.

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Stress Out?

Stress full reportRegus

November 2009

This research study provides a consistently gathered set of statistics on growth in workplace stress through the financial markets crisis and the recent global slowdown. It offers a selection of representative mature and emerging economies across the globe and shows that over half of the worldwide business population is experiencing a rise in workplace stress, with a fifth of respondents categorising their rise in stress as severe. The report then identifies a number of ways in which companies can reduce workplace stress.

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Too Long – I’m Gone! A study into commuting

Commuting Defection StudyRegus

November 2009

This report, based on the insight of 11,000 white collar workers from around the world, reviews the worldwide issue of skills shortages, then offers new research evidence on the correlation between commuting time and the likelihood of key workers leaving their jobs. These research findings highlight how important it is for business and management to review the flexibility of the working arrangements that they offer their valued employees at a time when firms desperately need all the key skills they can get to effect commercial recovery and steal a march on their competitors.

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The Regus Business Tracker 1

Business Tracker ReportRegus

October 2009

Many economic yardsticks are inconsistently measured between different countries, making international comparisons difficult. In order to offer the global business community a small starting point in the journey towards meaningful international comparisons, Regus asked its customers and prospects about their own companies’ performance as well as their expectations for personal and nationwide economic recovery. Based on their responses, Regus was able to compile broad views of recovery in each country. The result is a straightforward comparative study with consistent underlying key metrics upon which expert economists can employ in building their more detailed view of the pace of economic and corporate recovery over the next 12-24 months.

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The Workplace of the Future

Workplace of the FutureRegus

June 2009

This report by JB Associates, presents findings related to various attributes of the Workplace of the Future. It draws on the rich insights from business leaders through statistical and financial analyses as well as the voices of business leaders themselves. Each chapter concludes with some implications and thoughts about how organisations can move toward a Workplace of the Future.

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