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Why the community-based approach?

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Although we are a worldwide organisation, we constantly remember that for many we are a local business located in numerous (local) areas. We believe that a local community-based approach will result in the strongest positive impact, both for the business and for our local communities.

Our community investment creates the following impact:

    • Attracting socially minded businesses to the area

      Regus aims to raise social awareness in each community that it operates within. Through this increased socially responsible presence we aim to attract and build relationships with socially minded businesses, allowing us to learn from their approach and allowing them to bring their expertise to their local community.

    • Creating local supply chain networks

      Regus has so much to offer suppliers - access to clients, global coverage, a growing company, the biggest and best at what we do in the world, and continually improving professionalism and consistency in the way we deal with our suppliers.

      Where feasibly possible, we aim to build relationships with local businesses, investing in our local community through our relationship with them.

    • Providing our stakeholders with sustainable solutions

      By their very nature, many of our products are inherently sustainable allowing our customers to minimise their carbon emissions, waste and energy usage through us.

      Further to environmental sustainability, Regus provides a platform that allows each of our stakeholders to engage with their local communities through us. Our community investment activities are communicated to each of our stakeholders, raising social awareness in the region and providing them with the opportunity to join us in supporting our local communities.

    • Engaging local talent in our communities

      As a company we strive to expand our network into new markets, within countries where we have a presence and into new countries, growing in locations where we have excessive demand. We invest in each new community that we move into by providing local employment opportunities and by attracting local talent to the area.

      Internally, we aim to provide opportunities that allow our team members to engage in causes important to their communities. This provides them with the opportunity to develop new skills, creating a working environment in which everyone can feel valued and reach their full potential.

    • Helping local communities across the globe

      We are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. We strive to understand the social need affecting the area and utilise the core strengths of the business to assist local charities and community groups whose mission it is to attempt to support the diverse needs of our communities.

All of our community activity takes into account the international context with an understanding that cultural diversity represents varying perceptions and needs across the globe. Our activities are tailored to reflect this diverse environment and ensure that they are culturally, socially, politically and economically adequate and do not negatively impact the company or community in the area.

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