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Who do we support?

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We aim to provide support which has the strongest possible impact and provides intrinsic value.

We engage with local community groups that fall in the following criteria:

    • Business entrepreneurship
      Business Entrepreneurship

      Regus supports entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses, helping them achieve stability and prosperity. We invest in programmes that promote self-sufficiency, employment opportunities and business development through the use of our own core competencies for their benefit.

      We believe that investing in entrepreneurial activities will drive economic growth contributing to their overall prosperity and ensuring long-term, sustainable benefits to our local communities.

    • Education

      For people and communities to thrive, nothing is more important than education, the engine of economic growth.

      Regus supports programmes that help the disadvantaged have access to the education they need, up-skilling the local community and working towards an educated future workforce.

    • Health

      For all people, good health leads to better, more productive lives. At Regus, we are committed to supporting health-focused initiatives, creating opportunities for better access to health care within our local communities.

      We strive to raise awareness of prominent health issues in each local area, ensuring that our team members and the community at large are fully aware of the risks in their current environment.

The criteria we have developed integrate the areas in which we can have a significant impact. By ensuring that our support is locally administered, we aim to specifically tailor it to ensure that it is suited to the diverse needs of each local community group.

We strive to build relationships with all of our stakeholders - team members, customers, shareholders, property brokers and landlords, suppliers and the local communities we are a part of - encouraging each stakeholder to consider the needs of others and involve themselves in the programmes that are in place.

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